Bangbangtang Consulting Service

    Bangbangtang Consulting Service is controlled by Jiacheng Overseas Immigration and Education Service Corp. It mainly focuses on providing education consulting service for international students. The holding company Jiacheng Overseas Immigration and Education Service Corp has offices in many major cities in China. With more than ten year’s industry experience, the company is authorized agency of hundreds of public and private schools in Canada. The company runs immigration business through its subsidiary operating especially in BC PNP business immigration, international student immigration and family sponsorship immigration. The team has licensed CICC member, CFA and CPA China, and is one of the earliest group of companies get involved in business immigration, and is one of the few companies which can fully understand the business immigration program. Bangbangtang consulting service as another subsidiary, is adhering to holding company of industry experience, strictly follows its rigorous professional requirements, in order to guide international students on their studies and living.

    Bangbangtang Consutling is like a big family and Bangbangtang means a place for help. Our consultants are all graduated from local Canadian universities. With many overseas living and learning experiences, we treat our clients as friends and ready to share all of our knowledge and experiences. We consider our clients’ problem from their perspectives and combine with our knowledge and experiences to help them figure out the best solution. Besides, we treat our clients like our brothers and sisters, like our logo, big hand holding little hand. Regardless how difficult of the road is, hands always are together.  All of Bangbangtang team members treat our clients’ matters as our own things. Studying aboard might not be easy for international students, but we believe we will always be here for help, make the road fewer detours, and step by step to achieve the dream.

    No matter visa, school selection, immigration application or others, we believe we can always be your big help!